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Winnie the Pooh #252 Lorcana Lore Tracker

Winnie the Pooh #252 Lorcana Lore Tracker

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Dazzle your friends (and, psych out your foes...*evil chuckle*) with this GORGEOUS custom 3D Printed Fidget Lore Tracker!

We know, long title- BUT it DOES all those things & more! Tracks points, doubles as a Fidget Spinner, AND, makes soothing whirring sounds! Your opponent will be so caught off guard by your coolness when you plop this down on the table on game night that your game will be half won probably. ;)

What's included:

  • Winnie the Pooh #252 Pop figure (Loose) - Condition ( Used: Good )
  • See Picture. There is a mark on the left eye.
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